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 I had a whole "Professionally Formal" written text here but I removed it as it is not me at all. (I left it at the detailed about me of this section).
I’m going to keep it really short here, because I’m hoping we can sit down for a cup of coffee soon. The internet is great and everything, but face to face is the real deal as your wedding ceremony is something that really needs the emotions, heart, passion and soul of a photographer to be captured the right way.
Suffice it to say that I want to make good pictures for your wedding day as your Wedding Photographer!
I want to document the moment. I want to catch the passion.
I want to preserve the beautiful. I want to capture the spirit.
But mostly I want to take that special moment of yours and make it timeless. It’s all very lofty. Just like it should be.
I really appreciate you taking an interest in what makes me happy doing and thank you so much for taking this interest because I really love what I do; to be the best photographer in Cyprus specializing in Weddings, Arts & Lifestyle photography. I hope we have some more time to explore it together sometime soon.

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Wedding in Cyprus
Wedding in CyprusCyprus is an island encompassed by many legends, poets of ancient Greece wrote about it. You know, of course, that the goddess of love Aphrodite, came out of the sea foam to the land of Cyprus. Sculptor Pygmalion lived on this paradise island.
How to choose a wedding venue in Cyprus?
How to choose a wedding venue in Cyprus?Literally about eight years ago, it was only possible to organize a wedding ceremony in Cyprus in the municipality or hotel. Today, many beaches are equipped for marriages, scenic spots and buildings are created. There are also a lot of unic places in Cyprus for wedding photoshoots.
What time of the year is it best for a wedding in Cyprus?
What time of the year is it best for a wedding in Cyprus?The most popular months for organizing a wedding ceremony in Cyprus are June and September. If you decide to organize a wedding these months, plan everything in advance, because the most "delicious" places, organizers and the best photographers can be already busy.

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